Sunday, July 30, 2006


Perhaps because I'm reading a book about a journey around the world, or perhaps just because today was a whirl-wind day, I want to describe my day in pictures.

First, let's start with something telling about my hands on interview day:

I think that I was, perhaps, just a tad nervous.

Luckily, my nerves did not get the best of me, I survived the interview and lived to spend Saturday morning working in the garden. I finally got the roses trimmed, and I discovered that we had some green beans ripe for the picking!

I also had the energy to spend a bit more time with my dogs...and they were certainly happy for the attention. I noticed that my German Shepherd finally looks like a proper German Shepherd again...after a bout of Polish depression:

And, of course, what's an afternoon in the garden without JJ, the best helper-dog in the garden :)?!

Mostly, I'm just relieved to have the interview out of the way and to have returned to some level of sanity :).

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