Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On Judgment and Plaid Skirts

And so, I continue the list about little ole me.

51. This morning, I tried on three different shirts before settling on something to wear. I also ended up changing from capris to a skirt. Why is this interesting? Uhm, maybe it's not.
52. I pick out my clothes for the whole week on Sunday, and clearly, by the time I get to "Wednesday" in my mind, I am out of ideas for clothes that don't make me look like I have never met an iron I liked.
53. Yes, I pick out my clothes for the whole week on Sunday.
54. I blame this both on twelve years of Catholic schooling (and never really having to pick out an outfit) and on my intense desire to sleep as long as possible in the morning.
55. I survived twelve years of Catholic school and then went to Berkeley. This often surprises people.
56. Yes, Britney Spears' Catholic school girl get-up in her "Hit Me Baby One More Time" video did offend me greatly.
57. Not that I care anymore.
58. The first day I moved into the dorms, some stupid guy asked me if what they say about Catholic school girls was true.
59. Innocent 17 year old me said, "What do they say about Catholic school girls?"
60. I wish I hadn't asked.
61. Needless to say, I never attended a "school girls and principals" themed frat party in college. I am way too judgmental and uptight for that.
62. See, I am aware of my flaws. It's not like I think I'm perfect (well, not entirely perfect all the time, but certainly more perfect than some people...but then, that defeats the meaning of the word perfect)
63. It's quite obvious, at times, that I was an English major.
64. I never wanted to major in English, because I grew up with English majors in the family, but somehow writing essays was the only thing I knew how to do when I went to college, and I'm way too lazy to start from scratch.
65. Many people in my family never even went to college. In fact, my great-grandmother was 14 when she got married...a strange fact that I love to tell people.
66. I love to shock people with various tidbits from my family's past...and present.
67. Some people don't believe me. After all, how can one family be that nuts?
68. But really, it's four families...and if you keep going back to through generations, you would see that I descend from a long line of wackos.
69. But a lot of my extended family are really nice people...
70. And the others married their cousins. First cousins.
71. I haven't met a cousin I wanted to marry, so I think we're safe for at least another generation.
72. When I do get married (to a man who's not a blood relative), I want to hear "Only the Good Die Young" at my wedding
73. Mostly so I can sing aloud to the parts, "You didn't count on me, when you were counting on your rosary" and "You Catholic girls start much too late"
74. My wedding's gonna ROCK!
75. re: #64...I'm not really lazy, and I would feel just awful if you thought I was. See, I'm judgmental enough to assume that everyone else is judging ME...

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bloggadocio said...

I can sure relate to the part about picking out your clothes for the week - 9 Catholic School years right here.