Monday, July 03, 2006


My grandma refuses to give me her cell phone number. She never has it on, she says. Well, at least we know where I get my tendency to not have mine turned on (although I'm getting better at that).

There is one problem with Grandma not giving me her cell phone number, though.

I'm flying in to see her on Friday. She's picking me up at the rather large airport.

And I won't have her cell phone number.

Now, it's not that she doesn't HAVE a cell phone.

She just doesn't turn it on very often.

This seems like one of those times when she should turn it on (trying to find her granddaughter in a crowded airport), but then, that would make sense, and I'm not sure that anyone on that side of the family has much use for ever making sense.

This is going to be an interesting weekend.

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