Friday, June 16, 2006

High School Crush

The crushes I had in high school were on guys who were vaguely nice to me and then met a litany of random requirements that I thought I needed in my ideal man. Of course, the crushes amounted to nothing much more than nights of hopeful dreaming and lunches spent bugging my friends about whether or not they thought so and so would ever like me too.

That's how I feel with this latest endeavor, that it's really nothing more than a high school crush. I feel so completely involved in it, but it's not real. And in the last two days, I have had some real wake up calls. Not about the guy, no he's not "spoiled" for me or anything. I've had wake up calls about the world.

There are more important things than my ridiculous I'm going to turn my attention to those and let this odd little notion pass by without further troubling my friends about the meaning of carrying a chair, asking me to lunch, or otherwise actually being nice to me. Some guys just happen to be doesn't mean he wants to be my one and only.

My real life matters much more than this crush, and I'd rather focus on that.

In that vein, I'm taking a hiatus from talking about guys...on this blog anyway. I'm taking the summer off. I'm not going to whine, wish, or rant about guys until September. And hopefully by then, I won't need to (not because I won't have things to say but because I'll have really accepted the fact that there are much more important things in the world).

Oh, and no more celebrity gossip...I think it's making me stupid.

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