Thursday, May 18, 2006

I had to borrow from one of my recent e-mails to a friend, because I feel the constant need to prove that the boys I encounter are slightly weirder than others.

I figure that at some point, I'll get to date someone I'm wildly attracted to and who actually treats me decently and doesn't jump to huge conclusions about my personality that make absolutely no sense.

On a recent outing (it was a non-date that became a date and has now become a non-date again...I'm confused but really not disappointed), I was walking around the cookbook section in Barnes and Noble with this guy.

I mentioned that I like Rachael Ray, and the conversation became this:

Him: "Oh, I bet you watch her show."

Me: "Sometimes, but not really."

Him: "Hey, I know you, you would probably miss a meeting at work to watch her show."

Me: "Uh, what?"

Him: "Never mind."

Me: "No, seriously, I don't get it..."

Him: "Just that you really like to watch the cooking channel and would probably call in sick or something to miss a meeting so that you could watch it..."

All the time, I'm thinking, You "know" me?! Huh? I just said that I don't really watch the exactly does that translate to skipping work to watch it?

And finally, everyone who knows me knows that I do not have the attention span required to watch an entire episode of any show on the cooking channel...or most anything on any other channel. And why, oh why, would I waste precious sick leave?

Anyway, I'll hear in response, "Well, he was just trying to make conversation," or other things along those lines. I know I'm judgmental, and I know that I might seem too hard on guys, but it's not like all of these hard, sarcastic comments come out of my mouth during the conversation...

So, here's to hoping that someday, I'll go on a date with someone who doesn't try so hard to figure me out from the get-go. As another non-date said, "You're an interesting blend of Academia, Catholic, and that pseudo-hippy upbringing. You're kind of hard to peg." Exactly.

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