Thursday, March 09, 2006

The whole thing has me a little suspicious.

When I went to a dating event in San Francisco, the first question I got asked was, "So, do you live in the city?" The conversations went downhill after my inevitable, "No." Apparently, men who live in the city only want to date women who live in the city.

Then who are these people I read about who live in different states or even countries. Who are these people who manage to build relationships despite that fact that they live more than 40 miles apart (40 miles seems to be the cutoff for starting a relationship in the Bay Area)? Is this a Bay Area thing? Are we all just so tired from commuting by car that we have no energy for personal lives that require a significant investment in gasoline and time?

Now, honestly, I'm not really complaining, because I'm one of those people who, more often than not, uses distance as an excuse. Sometimes it's a real excuse - if I've had a particularly tiring week, the prospect of more driving is not only exhausting but also frightening. I know what happens when I try to write when I'm tired, and driving while exhausted has the potential to harm far more than my GPA.

As much as I do want to get married and start a family, I have also been thinking about the reality of the whole situation. I don't want to date someone in the town where I live, because I don't want to live here for the rest of my life, but I also don't want (or can't seem to find anyone to) date in, say, San Francisco, because that's just too much driving. It's ridiculous! People my age are far too exhausted for their own good, and it's now endangering my future!

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