Thursday, March 16, 2006

I won't be quite so poetic and philosophical today (i.e., maybe I won't whine so much about vague things).

Instead, I'll talk about thing things I'm HAPPY about.

* I'm happy that I finished one of my final two papers. I mean DONE DONE. I'm not going to look at it again. Yahoo! I'll turn in both of my papers next week, but for now, I'm celebrating the individual accomplishment of finishing one paper.

* Bible study really is making a difference in my life. Even if I'm sort of selfishly motivated at the moment (how can the Bible make ME feel better about my life?), I still appreciate that it's there.

* It means a lot that I get to share this experience with B & H. I spend a lot of time in my own head (not a complaint, just a statement of fact), and I appreciate the chance to get out of my head and talk with other people about the issues that come up in Bible study.

* I'm happy that I'm starting to come to terms with some of the "issues" that have plagued me for years and am starting to take action to rectify them. Mostly, that means getting over myself and getting in touch with reality.

* I'm ridiculously grateful for my parents. I am so happy that we get along. I am so happy that they raised me the way they did. Honestly, I truly can't say enough good things about my parents. I may be the only 25 year old in America who would be willing to broadcast this information on the Internet, but it's still true!

So, those are the things I'm grateful for/happy about today! :)

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