Friday, December 30, 2005

In LONDON! We spent the last week in a little beach community called Torquay - it was beautiful. We walked on the beach almost every day, all bundled up, of course, because it's FREEZING cold. We visited the town (Plymouth, actually) where the ships left for America (and landed at Plymouth Rock...ah, it all starts to make sense now).

The two most interesting/exciting/scary things that we encountered were
1) DRIVING in the UK. It was quite the thing driving in a Ford Galaxy People Mover (aka mini-van) after having been up for 24 hours and still feeling partially deaf after the 10 hour flight to Heathrow. We managed to get down the coast and got a lot better at driving on the way back - we even figured out roundabouts.
2) JANUARY SALES - otherwise known as Christmas Sales, since it's not yet January...ahh tell that to my credit card. I've had fun shopping at Marks & Spencer, Debenham's, Derry's and, soon, Harrod's. I'm hoping that the sales will mean I can afford more than a notepad (what I bought last time) in Harrods.

So, now, we're in the big city and reliant on the tube - hoping that there won't be a strike as anticipated tomorrow (New Year's Eve!!).

We're going to explore our neighborhood (near Hyde Park) and get out a bit (despite the rain) glad that we don't have to get behind the wheel again!

I'll have funnier stories when I've got my wits about me again, but for now, just breathe a great big sigh of relief that Ms. Sarah does not have to drive on the left-hand side of the road anymore!

Happy (Almost) New Year!

p.s. thank HEAVENS for this Internet Cafe - I've been away from the computer for just over a week, and my fingers were starting to itch from lack of typing, haha. Okay, now I've let y'all know I'm alive, so I can get back to shopp...I mean visiting important historical landmarks.

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