Monday, December 12, 2005

Amazing. I survived the Fall semester (not without my fair share of complaining, of course). Four classes, full time work and time for some extracurricular activities (library school newsletter, anyone?) and honest to goodness, actual fun. That's pretty darn cool.

Thanks to everyone who had to hear about my school projects, read my papers, feel "squeezed" into my ridiculously packed schedule or otherwise suffer through my scholastic pursuits along with me.

Now, we can all breathe a great big sigh of relief.

I have two (yes, count them, TWO) classes left in my master's program, and I will take them both in the Spring. Having a mere two classes will seem like cheating, but I'm not complaining. more school talk until January ( first school break since LAST January!) ... Onto more interesting topics of conversation

The other day, I realized that I am starting to get used to the idea of maybe, eventually, perhaps someday pursuing a relationship again. After realizing how much work they are (sheesh!), I know approximately how much energy I'll need to have for the next relationship. I'm on my way to being willing to devote that kind of energy to someone who did not:
a) raise me,
b) live with me in college,
c) put up with me in high school, or
d) does not come with a furry coat, tail and bundles of adorable puppy/kitten energy

For now, though, I'm still on hiatus.

Here's the big tip-off that I'm still on hiatus: I don't have the energy to carry on a flirty conversation.

A co-worker really wanted me to meet her two sons. In the first thirty seconds of meeting...okay, the first ten seconds of meeting, it was clear that one was probably more of a match than the other. This potential match talked to me for about two minutes, then sort of blended back into the crowd and proceeded to stare at me for the rest of the evening. Right before he left for the evening (two hours after our two minute sort-of conversation), he looked me right in the eyes, shook my hand and said, "It was really nice to meet you."

In another life (or before this summer), I might have made an effort to make conversation, regardless of my level of attraction to this guy. Saturday, though, I just didn't have it in me. If dude didn't move forward and make even light hearted party banter, I wasn't going to put forth any effort, either. Yeah, he might be shy. Yes, he "might just not be that into me," or whatever. In any case, I had no energy for carrying a conversation with a I spent the evening talking to my fellow library geeks and had a great time.

I think that my favorite thing about that particular evening was the variety of comments along the following lines:
"Well, don't you clean up nice."
"I didn't even recognize you and had to come over here and see who you were."
"You look like an old time movie star."
"Well, don't you look nice."

I think it was the makeup...

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