Monday, April 04, 2005

I am angry that the San Francisco Chronicle was full of bad things to say about the Holy Father.

I got chills seeing the flag at half mast.

I am shocked that the major news networks have given up covering all other news and are on Pope Coverage 24/7.

I miss the Pope.

I worry for the future of the Church.

Did I mention I miss the Pope? How am I supposed to just accept someone new in a few weeks? He's all I've ever known!! He was an amazing moving force in Catholicism:

* He apologized to the Jews for the Church's inaction during WWII
* He traveled the world
* He grew up in Poland - that country loved him so much.
* He made sure that the Blessed Virgin Mary remained one of the centerpieces of Church doctrine.
* He loved us all.

Someone on the news said today that Catholics have been orphaned. We have lost our earthly father. What happens next?

I miss the Pope, but he looks so peaceful lying in state. He is at rest in the arms of the Mother of us all.

I miss the Pope.

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