Saturday, March 19, 2005

It's still not May (in case you're keeping track), but I'm one week closer to the end and one week closer to the looming deadlines of the "big" projects that all of this constant work is supposedly leading to. And Blogger has once again returned to its rightful place in my life as a wonderful means of procrastination.

Forty hours a week of work, three classes, a mini-social life, sleep, and still the girl has time to procrastinate? How DO I do it??

Mmm..odd dream last night. I dreamt that my bff M got married - her wedding was beautiful and happy, but as I looked over the wedding pictures a few weeks later, my mom said, "You realize that she's abandoning you for Tim Nelson, don't you?" Well, of course, I know that. That's what I knew in the dream, anyway. Not that I know who Tim Nelson is.

Then the dream rewound to after the wedding when M and S and I were sitting in a pew in the church, probably after pictures, b/c M was in her gown (I really should call her and tell her about the gown in the dream, it was GORGEOUS). Anyway, M asks me about "the boy," and S says, "yeah, what's going on with you two?" (because of course, that's what we would be talking about), and I say, "Well, it's going really well. As a matter of fact...Well, I was waiting until after the wedding," and I reach into my purse, grabbing for a ring box so that I can show them we're engaged...and I woke up gasping for air. Was it asthma or fear? There's no boy in real life, so it must be asthma.

I really must tell M about her "dream" gown...

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