Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I just keep barrelling through school. It seems like there is not enough time to do all the reading, so I have decided to do only some of the reading and to skim the rest. It is the sheer number of pages that is overwhelming. The pointlessness of many of the readings frustrates me. I have confidence in my decision to skim.

Favorite moments from the weekend:

* Realizing once again that I am not nearly as conservative as people think I am, especially as compared to people who drive 50 mph on 680 on a Saturday, when there is NO TRAFFIC.

* Saying to my carpool companion that my dad's first Miles Davis album is called "Bitch's Brew." She said, with oh so condescending a tone, "Well, I'll just have to listen to that with my daughter!" (her daughter is 9). Clearly not the right person for this conversation...

* Napoleon Dynamite

* Skimming De-Lovely, "Oh, is he dying? Oh, okay, it's the story of his life. He met this girl. He's gay? Oh, it's an 'arrangement.' Okay, he slept with a guy. She made him move to Hollywood. He hates Hollywood. She hates Hollywood. He needs Hollywood. He gets sick. They move to Massachuesetts. She gets sick. He gets grumpy. She picks him out a male companion for when she's gone. She dies. Back to story of life device. He's carried up to Heaven." A 2 hour move in 30 minutes; it can't be beat!

* 3-mile walk around Paradise Cove to the tune of "Savannah-New York-Boston-San Diego-Boston-Providence-Sacramento-Connecticut-Providence-Boston." What, exactly, happened to Savannah?

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