Sunday, January 23, 2005

Ah so! I got through the orientation for SJSU without any painful instinct to run away (shades of Boston), so I suppose that means I'm doing the right thing this time! Yeeahhh!

I had the chance to carpool down with three other newbies - Alba, Amy and Jeff...we stuck together throughout the orientation and are now the "I-80" group, who knew you could grow attached that quickly and not want to meet anyone else...well considering that the only other person making intros was this odd little fellow named Mark who is apparently a community relations coordinator at B&N in Fresno and kept asking everyone "what section of 200 are you in?" as an opener. I think he and his probably 32 year old self finally settled down into an uncomfortable conversation with a 22 year old just out of college who plans to work retail while she gets her MLIS...uhm, it might just be me, but if I didn't have a job and was getting a degree in Library Science, I might try to apply for a job in an actual library, but that's just me!!

Oh well, I feel that I can handle my 3 classes while I work full time if Alba can handle two, work full time and take care of her husband and 2 year old son.

And finally, I called Detroit and continued a conversation from February 2004. My friend and I said we would talk every month...well, we've kept that up on e-mail but are now both determined to talk on the phone more regularly. Hopefully she'll settle down with her man in D.C. and I can get to visit both my wonderful friend and my mecca (LOC).

Have a great week, everybody!

p.s. congrats and get well to Miss I (if I haven't said it already)!! Go Bears...we stand tall even as we fall down Hearst - that street is WAAAY to steep...isn't that a safety hazard? Miss I would certainly say that it is - something must be done! Now that they're actually paying HER (instead of the other way around), perhaps she can change the university from the inside..ooohh, how subversive. Wicked awesome.

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