Monday, November 15, 2004

What I sent to Toyota - I cannot BELIEVE these people. Please do not buy a Toyota, a Lexus, or anything else Toyota-related. This company is tasteless and disgusting. I will post any response I receive.


I remember several years ago, Toyota had the extremely distasteful adrenaline deficiency adds for its trucks. I called the company and was told that no one seemed to realize that Adrenal Insufficiency is a REAL ILLNESS. Now, your company is running ads of this nature, yet again. Do you realize how disgusting it is to use a REAL ILLNESS to sell your trucks?

I am in the market for a car, as will be several of my friends in the near future, and I will be certain to tell everyone I know that Toyota is an insensitive company that continues to make fun of, yes, I'm saying it again, A REAL ILLNESS. Disgusting!!

Adrenal insufficiency is a serious illness that can leave those affected fatigued and weary after a regular day and utterly exhausted after anything unusual. Some people, like my mom, had BRAIN TUMORS that led to this illness - your commericials are offending people who have had brain tumors, did you know that? Purchasing a Toyota truck will not solve this problem.

Please STOP making and running this disgusting ads. It is irresponsible and extremely offensive.

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