Monday, April 05, 2004

Have you ever been stoked about a job, gotten all dressed up for the interview (and if you're a girl, you're actually stable on your heels!), you go in and face, not one, not two, but THREE people! I was not anticipating this AT ALL. Luckily the label "Board Room" on the door outside prepared me just a bit. I faced not only my potential supervisor but her supervisor AND the supervisor above her. Yikes!

I answered what I could and got a few smiles and "good"s, but I'm not holding my breath.

I also received my "official" rejection from Davis today. I was rejected because my personal statement wasn't good enough. That's what the letter says! It also says that I can reapply when I feel I'm competitive. Oh really? Thanks. You know, I wasn't bitter about this (just confused) until today. I THOUGHT I already was competitive, otherwise, WHY would I apply? Jeez!

Okay, that's my exlamation point riddled posting.

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