Wednesday, March 31, 2004

"Make the choice you will wish you had made as your life is drawing to an end" ~ Abbé d'Hérouville ~

I think that to some extent we all know the choices we want to make in our lives. There are those who say that they never want to marry, and they are content with that decision. Others know that they want to marry but are uncertain about children. Some (like me) know that their lives will not be complete without a husband and, God willing, children. I think that the Abbé's quote is certainly poignant. What choice will you not regret?

As someone who lives with a certain degree of regret, I know that there are some things that I will never compromise. The regret of making even a small error in judgment bothers me too much, and I would never want want to feel regret about the biggest decisions in my life.

In other news (and for those of you who may be wondering), the platelets are still low (23,000), but the new doc says that as long as they stay above 20,000 (or at least 17,000), then there is no need for panic. This is a good thing. I'm still taking my time and resting when I can, but I just feel relieved that nothing has to come out and no one is going to be pumping me full of toxic meds!'s been a while, but, thanks in part to Haylz, there's a little non-medical weirdness in my life again! :Þ

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