Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Back in Cali - I swear to you that as soon as we crossed the border from Oregon, I felt better - I could breathe, the scenery looked familiar (yes, two feet before, it still looked like Oregon. I'm not kidding.)

I had a wonderful time with my parents (and like my mom said the other day, they fought soooooo much less than they have in the past :) ... travelling with family....ahhh....anyway, I'm GRATEFUL!) and shopping in the tax-free land of Oregon (I'm pretty sure we hit every mall in Portland, not to mention outlets).

Christmas is just around the corner, and I'm looking forward to getting on with some of the holiday traditions. Some of my favorites (in no order):

- Putting up the lights with Daddy
- Hot chocolate and cookies while we decorate the tree
- Baking with Mommy (mmm, cookies)
- Hitting every tree lot between Fairfield and Dixon to find the "perfect" tree that is tall, well proportioned and sturdy enough to last through January (funny how that sounds like a personals ad....)
- Princesses' annual holiday adventure
- Mommy and me carting outselves around town, dropping off plates of goodies
- Planning and finally attending the annual gathering of MASS
- Annual movie w/Daddy
- Getting up before the butt-crack of dawn to start the Christmas Day festivities

Other things I'm looking forward to this year (not quite traditions yet)
- Hanging out with the AOII gang (finally meeting up with Marie, welcoming Miss Irene back from DC, etc.)
- Our new home decorating plan (only put out what we actually LIKE)
- Having a little bit of money to spend at the post-Christmas sales
- Christmas Eve Mass in the NEW church!!!

Ahhh, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Let the mayhem begin!

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