Thursday, November 13, 2003

I had a lovely time in D.C., and I hope that Ms. Irene is feeling back to herself soon (perhaps that trip to NYC will perk her right up).

A'ight. So, I have to get all self-righteous and talk about how proud of myself I am. In the past several months, I have turned down interviews with organizations whom I consider lacking in something (ethics being the number one thing missing). I passed on an internship with Dr. Phil, a position with a charter school organization and a management position with Abercrombie.

While I'll admit to being tempted by the prospect of working for a company with name recognition or a great benefits package, I have to say that, in all honesty, I'd rather work straight retail than sacrifice all of my principles. I didn't agree with the principles, missions, and corporate cultures of the companies I politely declined.

I know that the economy is slow. I know that it's an "employers'" market. I also know that I'm nearly $20,000 in debt (stupid student loans) and would like to get that little problem taken care off in the next couple of years (this will call for FRUGAL living, to say the least). Even considering that I'm living with my parents (an arrangement that works for the most part), I wouldn't sacrifice my values for a shot at a loft in the city...besides, these soulless companies probably wouldn't pay an entry-level snot like me the money I would need, and I'd be right in the same place I am now, minus my principles.

I know I can't eat off principles, but I'm more concerned with eternal salvation than with eating dinner at fancy-schmancy restaurants and buying expensive, uncomfortable shoes.

If I don't have a corporate job, I don't need a corporate wardrobe. So, on top of saving my soul, I also get to wear comfy shoes! :)

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