Monday, October 20, 2003

It occurred to me as I updated my friendster profile that I am not looking for justurbasicniceguy. No, I would be bored by him, I am certain. Nay, I am looking for the conveniently unattainable smart-ass who is not cocky but who is both intelligent and sarcastic (hence, an actual Smart Ass). Allow current characters from television and movies to elaborate my point.

Gilmore Girls: Dean (boring but hot), Jess (too cocky smart-ass), Luke (old, but more along the lines of what I'm looking for), that English teacher Lorelai was going to marry (that's probably more like it)

Friends: Joey (uhhhhh), Ross (annoying), Chandler (there ya go..but cuter, please)

Sex and the City (I apologize, this one is a bit outdated...I'm only on season 4): Big (COCKY), Aidan and Steve (just about right).

I just watched Deliver Us from Eva...pardon me if I don't have the character's names right:

LL Cool J (damn...but no, too cocky for me)
the one who was married to the doctor (a little dorky, but yes, just about right)
the police officer (no...plaYA)
the other one, married to Jackie (eh...)

Alright, I hope this posting has led to a few smiles. I'm sure it's led to a few "What is she talking about??" type comments, but that's okay...'cause I'm cool like that

(I blame VH1's airing of "One Hit Wonders" for the above comment)

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