Wednesday, June 12, 2013


At long last, summer has arrived, and with it, the desire to start writing again.  I will hopefully also return to adding some tried and true recipes, although I must admit that Pinterest stole my interest when it comes to posting favorite recipes.

Each evening, T asks me what I plan to do with myself the next day. He has an, not unreasonable, fear that I will grow bored and, later, take this boredom out on him.  With an energetic dog and toddler on my hands this summer, though, I think the boredom will stay away from me.

I also have finally accepted that developing my skills and talents takes time. When I encounter a talented person, it always seems that their talents come naturally, and I get a little (okay, a lot) jealous, and I just want to be naturally good at something.  For the past couple of years, I felt like I wasn't making any progress with my hobbies. And then, suddenly, the doors opened.  I sat down and thought about the "suddenly," and I realized that I had been making slow, steady progress that finally added up to something real.  In the past few months, I have started to run faster, take (and edit) better photos, write better fiction and even get paid (a bit) for some articles.  I feel motivated now to keep moving forward.

Each evening, when T asks me what I plan to do with myself the next day, I have an answer, and it usually involves a bit of each of my favorite hobbies: running, writing, and taking pictures.

Here's to summer and improving ourselves bit by bit.

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