Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Better Photos: Art in Photography

Taking a look at the rules of composition, I explored a bit with my camera.  I have a definite signature style (up close and personal).  Using ALL of the rules takes practice, and I skipped symmetry altogether for now.  I think I learned the most from exploring the use of simple backgrounds. I like how my dog's face just pops out of the image!

1. Filling Your Frame: I have no problem with this one!

2. Simple Backgrounds: Not that Izzy would look bad in most other situations, but she looks even better with nothing to distract from her curious little face.

3. Rule of Thirds:  Photo 1 has a nice use of the rule of thirds, as well.  This picture of a Hen and Chick Cactus features colors and shading that serve as natural breaks in the photo.

 4. Repetition: This photo shows only three main colors (and the white is just a touch up in the corner). The raspberries are deliciously repetitive.

 5. Depth of Field (See Negative Space)

6. Framing Your Subject

7. Using Lines to Emphasize the Subject: The plain lines in the background draw attention to our friend the Sock Monkey.

8. Use of Negative Space/Depth of Field: The background here blurred so nicely, that it also works as a sort of white (green?) space, leaving just the flowers as the center of attention.

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