Tuesday, June 01, 2010

10 Months

Today, I have been married ten months. Today is also just a week away from my graduation ceremony. The past ten months, as I've navigated both a new marriage and a teaching credential program, I've had to let some things go.

Now, as the fog clears, and I can see my life more clearly, I crave those things again, namely writing and taking pictures. In order to maintain my sanity over the past months, I abandoned two of my favorite past times. In fact, there were several points when I even forgot what my hobbies were. I was so engrossed in teaching, in keeping up with school work and with managing a full-time husband that I lost track of the other things that make me happy.

Still, we do what we have to maintain our sanity, right?

Now, it's summer, and for the first time on a number of years, I have time to devote to my favorite tasks.

Inspired after watching Julie and Julia, I'm ready to get back in to a daily writing routine.

I hope some of you are still out there to follow along.


Anonymous said...

I'm here! Good to see you again.

Parchemina said...

That was from me :)

Sarah said...

Yay! Glad you're here :).