Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The One Where I Get Teary-Eyed With Joy

We're in the final count-down. Those final under-30 days before the wedding.

The final dress fitting happened yesterday, and I saw myself with a veil, the earrings, the necklace and without the giant flower-pin that had been threatening to take over the dress. That my lovely little seamstress removed on demand...sweet. My mom didn't cry at this fitting like she did at the last one, and I think it's partly because we're all about done with the wedding planning and oh so very ready for the real-deal.

Case in point.

My mom talked to WG's mom, and my soon-to-be-MIL revealed this little gem:

"I talked to WG on Thursday, and I asked him how everything is going. He told me, "I just want to marry her. I just want to be married."

Upon hearing this this at lunch, after I'd just watched Michael Jackson's daughter get on a microphone and tell everyone how much she loves her daddy, I couldn't do anything else by just sit there and let my eyes get misty.

He just wants to marry me.

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Anonymous said...

Woo! Good luck and enjoy the day. It's all about you and WG just wanting to marry each other :) I've said a few prayers for you both.