Friday, July 10, 2009

An Evening at the Movies

My dad really wanted to see Public Enemies, and being, myself, a fan of both Johnny Depp and movies where I grow attached to the bad guys, I agreed to along. WG said he'd go if I, and I quote, "need company." Well, nah, I had my daddy, so the company part? Covered.

Well, Public Enemies was fabulous, as was the evening. I met Daddy at the theater right after work (yes, I did have packing to do; yes, I am moving on Saturday, but some things, like spending an evening at the movies with Daddy, take priority). He had brought sandwiches, which I hid in my giant work purse, and we settled in with a coke and the previews.

The movie was great. It had strong dialogue, really interesing cinematography (think the Bourne movies, minus the whip-lash), and Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp...John Dillinger...JD...JD...methinks it was meant to be.

Of course, this was about more than the movie.

This was about using one of the last nights when the only one I'm coming home to is Marley (though I'm sure that cat would actually like a detailed schedule of my comings and goings) to spend time with my pops. Because, after all, I am a Daddy's girl, through and through.

And oh? Mr. "If you need company, I'll go?" Well, when I told him about the movie, he said, "Why do you always go see good movies without me?"

sigh. boys.

Oh well, whoever you go with, you should go see Public Enemies and enjoy your dose of Johnny D.

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Parchemina said...


Have a fantastic wedding day this weekend! I have enjoyed reading about your adventures so far and I hope that you find time in your even busier schedule to keep blogging. I will understand if you can't!

I will be thinking of you this weekend and continuing to pray for you in your new stage of life :)