Friday, April 10, 2009

The Little Things, As Always

The Little Things that Keep Me Smiling

  • My silly orange cat curling himself up between near my leg, letting me rest my arm on him as I type on my laptop. He purrs with contentment.

  • Joining a co-worker for a walk on a lazy Friday afternoon.

  • Cider, coffee cake and great conversation with Mama and Daddy after church last night.
  • Getting to see my favorite girls tomorrow. :Þ

  • A crazy, teenage dog who likes to run up to strangers with excitement and joy and, upon realizing he doesn't know them, begins to growl like a beast.

  • The relief on that dog's face when he returns to his people.

  • Friday nights at home with WG.

  • Feeling super-excited that WG's mom (AKA my my future mother-in-law) is coming to visit soon.

  • Dreaming of the yummy BBQ ribs my dad's making for Easter.

  • Praying for WG to find the right job -- praying that WG finds the right job to support our little family of two (well, three, counting the cat!).
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