Saturday, September 27, 2008

Top Five Reasons I Am Not Attending My High School Reunion

5. It's today, and we were all told about it a whopping three weeks ago.

4. It's in the high school gym. Seriously? Ten years out of high school, and we're relegated to the "don't you dare scratch that precious floor" gym where we circulated around in P.E. clothes? Couldn't get a restaurant reservation for 165 on three weeks notice? Fancy that.

3. Facebook. I know what's up with everyone I need to know about already.

2. My mom's best friend's daughter, a girl I've known since the fourth grade, is getting married today. The reunion starts when the reception will just be getting good.

1. I'm over high school, and, amazingly, I'm over it enough that I have no need to parade my boyfriend and my master's degree around the high school gym, introducing them both to the people who made fun of me, the ones who dropped books on my head, the popular girls who are planning the reunion (who have, in fact, planned everything that ever happened with my class at the high school), groveling for approval.

Cheers, though, to the class of 1998. We've made it to adulthood, fairly unscathed. Congratulations to us all!

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