Friday, September 19, 2008

Real World Wednesday

Five Things You Can Do This Weekend to Change the World

1) Finally, and I do mean, finally, commit to using your own bags when you're out shopping. I brought in a tacky cloth bag to fancy clothing store, and the saleswoman looked at me like I was nuts for not accepting the pretty paper back she offered, but I'm over it.

2) Drive less. The weather (in some places) is still holding steady. So, walk for your hit of Starbucks or Peets or Tim Horton's or Tapioca Express...whatever your poison.

3) Bring your own cup.

4) Cook your own dinner, using local products.

5) Call someone you'll make the world a brighter place.

1 comment:

brandy said...

Awesome post! I love that these are all so simple, we all can do them! I remember reading up on Earth Day that another really great thing (for the planet anyway) is to cut back eating red meat. It's the single easiest way to cut down on pollution. Who knew?