Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Real World Wednesday

Gratitude List.

1) I am grateful for ice cream on a hot day
2) I am grateful for the thought that if I transfer over to Wordpress, I may not take all of my archives with me
3) I am grateful that my family does not live in Burma...or China
4) I am grateful that my computer is in a nearly-crashed zone but I had backed up my most important info. Still, it feels like a fresh start, which I sorely need right now
5) I am grateful for smiling babies, laughing children and all manner of things when I get to play at being a children's librarian
6) In the same vein, I am grateful for laughing teenagers and the ability to beat them at DDR when I am doing my actual job of being a Young Adult Librarian
7) I am grateful to have a friend for every need
8) I am grateful for what autonomy I have at work
9) I am grateful that my parents returned safely from their vacation
10) I am grateful that summer weather has returned to California (I'll keep saying that one)
11) I am grateful for the realization that I MUST CHILL.
12) I am grateful for the escape I can find in books...and in Keeping Up with the Kardashians in those rare times when I have access to cable.
13) I am grateful for local produce and strawberries the size of my fist
14) I am grateful that we are nearing the end of our photography class, and I will have my Wednesday nights returned to me
15) I am grateful for the desire to learn
16) I am grateful for less time spent with the public in the past few weeks
17) I am grateful for the desire for change
18) I am grateful for fear or common sense, you take your pick, that keeps me from making spontaneous and dangerous decisions
19) I am grateful for a boyfriend willing to try to restore my computer for me
20) I am grateful that after this week, I don't have to work a Saturday for a little while

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