Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Because Lists Really Are the Best Way to Express How I Feel

This weekend was a marvel amongst weekends...probably because it's one of the last two day weekends, let alone three day (woot!) that I'm going to have until May.

So, here goes. The best parts of this weekend.
1) Having WG and Sarah time after two weeks of having to share ourselves throughout the weekend.

2) Watching The Illusionist while eating pasta he cooked, sipping yummy red wine he bottled and otherwise enjoying a Saturday evening in.

3) Dancing with my mom to ABBA in the living room after she'd opened up her birthday gift from me...tickets to see Mamma Mia. We were truly dancing queens.

4) Screaming my head off for the Giants, even though they lost. Even when they lose, it's still such a treat to see my boys. Especially on opening day. And, yes, Bengie Molina does look just a bit like Forrest Whitaker.

5) Overall, just spending a weekend feeling utterly and completely loved.

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