Monday, March 10, 2008

I Wish

*That religion wasn't so divisive
*That politics hadn't become just as bad as Hollywood
*That people could avoid being judgmental
*That I had more patience
*That fast food wasn't the only option for some people
*That parents didn't live vicariously through their children and then get upset when those children make different choices than their parents would have done
*That weekends were longer
*That children could keep their innocence
*That my apartment would clean itself
*That twenty-eight year olds couldn't die in motorcycle accidents
*That I got to play with the dogs for more than an hour a day
*That I could develop and print my own photos
*That digital wasn't overtaking the world of photography
*That people could operate the printer and the copier without my intervention
*That I could easily tackle fear
*For more time
*For more time with my parents
*For more time with my friends
*For more time with WG
*For more time for myself
*For answers
*For sunshine
*For rain
*For snow
*For smoother paths for some of my friends
*For an easier aging process
*For more time to appreciate being young
*For more understanding
*To play the piano
*To play the guitar andaccompany myself in song
*To get my stories published
*To increase my photography skills so that I can actually do something with this passion of mine
*To read more
*To procrastinate less
*To enjoy more
*To laugh more
*To dance more
*To visit places I've never seen
*To become an expert in something
*To not take everything quite so seriously
*To love without ceasing

Still, we cherish the city, the morning; we hope, more than anything, for more.
~ Michael Cunningham~


AKA said...

This morning I wished my apartment would clean itself too, so I shut my eyes and walked out thinking that when I get home this evening it'll be done!

And, silly me, I read the one "for smoother paths for some of my friends" as "for smoother PANTS for some of my friends". I thought, maybe they all need irons?

Thus is the mind of a very tired person lol. Great list!

brookem said...

Love your list!

Also, love little Marley over there! Reminds me SO much of Cosmo!

ruby said...

I wish for all your wishes to come true!