Saturday, November 10, 2007

Decisions, Decisions and a Monkey

Two years is a reasonable age for a computer, right?

A reasonable lifetime before being passed on to a father who has been known to crash computers simply by changing the background and thus cannot be trusted with new computers in the household?

I'm guilt tripping myself (yes, it's a verb) about whether or not I should purchase one of these (in flamingo pink, of course).

Why do I need one? Oh, because I'm a geek. Well, I'm a "thinks she's artsy" geek, because not only do I need a faster computer with a better graphics card so that I can further develop my World of Warcraft addiction (currently on hiatus as within thirty minutes of starting to play on my current laptop, I am sent to the "blue screen of death," which threatens to start deleting things at random from my hard drive if I don't behave), but I also want to do more photo editing. I've got Adobe Photoshop (not elements, photoshop...thanks WG) on my computer, but it's waaaaayyy too slow.

Why should I get one? They're ridiculously cheap at the moment, and with the coupon I found, I can get a $1700 (pre-tax) system for $1100 (including tax). And it would make my life oh so much more enjoyable to have a computer that doesn't freak out whenever I try to upload my photos to flickr. Oh, and WG's stoked about doing the research (and found me a $500 off coupon!).

Why shouldn't I get one? Uh, it's two weeks before my birthday, six weeks before Christmas. I've got a best friend's birthday before my own. And I have only *just* started thinking about a budget for Christmas gifts.

Other decisions?

Whether or not to switch this sweet blog o'mine over to wordpress and a friend hosted server. I could get my own domain name! has a nice ring to it, right? But, contrary to some other folks, I love blogger. I love that I get to pick and choose and add random HTML code wherever I so choose. Would I need to learn CSS for wordpress? But I also want to password some posts (oh, the things I could say! haha). Oh, dilemmas.

And finally, the monkey.

Precisely a monkey of a velvet nature.

WG's little sister is a licensed cosmetologist and she works at a place called Velvet Monkey, and I may let her cut my hair when we're in OK.

This is roughly what my hair looks like now:

And this is what I might want it to look like (but the cut is basically just a slightly shorter version of what I have now)

or this (which is still basically the same but about 12 inches shorter than my current 'do)

Help, people. I need help.


Mrs. said...

1. Embrace both your inner geekiness and your outer quirkiness and buy the freakin' pink laptop.

2. Keep this blog going whilst working through the kinks and kooks of the new one.

3. I'm all for the last haircut - go monkey!!

brandy said...

Okay, I'm loving the pink laptop! About wordpress- I spent a lot of time getting my new blog site ready before I switched over from blogger. I sometimes miss blogger, but not enough to switch back. I really love the password protection that you can have at wordpress and also the blog stats availability- it's so much easier to see who is reading your blog and what posts people are enjoying. As for.. CSS? Yeah. I have no idea what that is, but if you are getting your own domain name, you are already far ahead of me computer wise.

As for the haircut- get it! I've been thinking of a new do for some time, and Kelly's looks cute. Perfect for the up coming holidays. Have a great weekend!

ruby said...

You need a new laptop my friend, if I were a magic eight ball I'd have to tell you all signs point to yes. A new haircut to start the holiday season sounds fun too!

AKA said...

New laptop seems like a definite must! You'll wonder how you did without it when you see how much faster everything will be.

I miss blogger too for the same reasons. I like being able to change the html and add any crazy thing or mess around with colours. But, I'm happy with Wordpress, mainly because of password protection, and it's more sleek and easy to work with. I'm trying to learn CSS but getting a little confused so have taken a break. Your own domain name sounds great!

The second hair style!!! The shorter hair will look great and be a good change from what you have now (though also very lovely ;) )

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I think you should buy the laptop - in flamingo pink of course - and I think yor hair would look wicked cute as the bottom picture even though it looks cute already..I love blogger but then again it's easy and I'm all about easy....

Sarah said...

M - luckily, WG "fixed" my computer thus saving me the trouble of worrying about whether I am good enough to spend $1000 on myself!

Brandy - I'm encouraged by so many people having switched over to wordpress and not crying everyday over how hard it is to use.

Ruby - Argh, my computer works better now, so it's a matter of pure and simply WANTING the pink laptop.

AKA - your vote seems to be winning. I'll see if I have the guts to go that short...

Princess - I'm beginning to think that I may talk myself into the laptop after Christmas. Ooohh, wicked cute, you say?