Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things I Said I'd Never Do That I Have Now Done

I realized, when talking with my dear Irene as we perused clearance shelves and decided never to raise our children in Walnut Creek, that I have made a lot of "never again" type statements in recent history (and I have to give a nod to Brandy).

When I was a wee girl, I, of course, claimed that I never wanted to leave my parents' house, that I would live there forever. Everyone assured me that this would change, but until I was about twelve and starting to realize that my mom and I didn't exactly see eye to eye on absolutely everything, I assured them right back that I would never want to move out.

Obviously, I changed my very adamant stance, seeing as how I moved out for college at 17 and have been in-and-out since.

In my more aware years, I've actually had some idea of what it means to make "never again" statements, and I've still done it. I'm also still completely shocked when my friends call me out on these statements.

It seems that everything I said I'd never do, I'm doing right now or will do in the near future.

1) My long-standing belief that I needed to date a Catholic fell apart before Wine Guy came on the scene.

2) I've said, more times than I can count, that I wouldn't go back to online dating, kept going back on that statement, and actually met WG online.

3) I've said I want oodles of children, and now seem quite satisifed with the notion of two at some point in my future.

4) I've insisted that I have to live exceedingly close to my family and have now come to realize that the notions my parents and I have of where to set up a life (they're very city, and I would be happy in the country) differ enough that within easy driving or easy flying distance would be just dandy.

5) I've said that I'd just as soon not drink and am now my family's go-to gal for wine recommendations.

And now, one final "never" or "always," that I'll certainly contradict at some point, 'cause, you know, that's the me we all know and love: I'm never going to make
another adamant statement about my future.

Quite frankly, I'm just tired of having people call me out when I break my own promises to myself!


Mommy of two in small town USA said...

I think we have all made those "never again, or I will never" statements. I'm there with you on I will marry a catholic and here I'm happy married to my Jewish man! (6 plus years and two kids later!) Its funny how life comes along and turns your world upside down!

Bre said...

Isn't it strange to look back and cringe about how adamant your former self was?