Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Star Gazing

Three things.

Not necessarily beautiful.

1. If even one more person asks me if my possibly (possibly) moving to the same city as WG means we are moving in together, I may well scream. I didn't realize living in the same city as my boyfriend meant that we had to live together. It might just be nice to live in the same city for a while, right? Sheesh. Good thing I haven't mentioned this to one of my co-workers. She'll demand to stare at my (going to be naked for a while) left ring finger, to confirm that I have not, in fact, gone and gotten engaged without notifying her.

2. Facebook still manages to freak me out. I saw, months ago, that an old crush/old friend (yes, he was an actual friend) from high school was on the great timesucker, and I refused, refused to "friend" him myself. Then, this morning, I see the message in my inbox, "Old Crush has made you a friend on Facebook," and I felt oddly flattered.

3. Last night, walking the dogs with WG while my parents are out of town, I looked up and saw the Big Dipper in the sky, so close I felt like I was looking at a projection of it at the planet-A-rium (kudos to you if you get the cartoon reference). The sky was so clear. I saw Cassiopeia and Orion's Belt, and then I stopped staring open-mouthed up at they sky and looked ahead to see WG trying to trick my German Shepherd, Bailey. Bailey never walks in a straight line, but the person walking him usually does. But WG was behaving like an adorable six year old and decided to try walking a crooked line, too, so when Bailey would turn back towards WG, WG would already be there, and Bailey would run smack into his thigh with his head. WG found this amazingly funny, and I found it strangely endearing. The dog just found it confusing and kept walking his crooked little path.


ruby said...

I have heard its entirely within the realm of possibility that two people in a relationship can live in the same city but have different addresses....

Parchemina said...

It's definitely possible to live in the same city but not the same address... but only people who have known me and my boyfriend for a while don't tend to assume that we live together.

And as for people checking that you're engaged, I know what that's like and I try to interpret it as friendly interest, in the same way that people like weddings on TV programmes and stuff like that.

But I'm really not looking forward to the "So, when are you going to have children?" questions that will inevitably follow soon after "Trevor" and I get married. I don't want to have children and he is cool with that, but I don't really want to talk about that with everyone I know!

Are you still thinking of visiting Australia?

Sarah said...

Ruby - this is what I'm saying! It's a foreign concept for some people...but, you know, I think in the course of history it has been done.

Parchemina - Seriously, the other day, I encountered this co-worker, and she'd hardly said "hello" before she said, "married yet? no? Well, just wanted to make sure you didn't go and do it without telling me.?"

Kids?! Yikes. If you don't want them, do you have nieces and nephews or do your friends have kids? You could always just say you want to spoil those kids...

As for Australia...it's all up in the air but still a possibility!