Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bay Area State of Mind

Irene, the hearer of my woes, my constant e-mail buddy, my relationship twin (in some ways), is moving.

She's not moving any farther from me than she is now, but she'll be on the flip side of the Bay Area :(. I also don't know if I'll get my daily e-mails from her (I think our record was about 20 e-mails over the course of a couple of hours, my favorite of which was an entire e-mail that consisted of the statement "What a great use of company time!"). So, I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm proud. I'm worried. I'm like a bundle of emotions, and I'm not even the one moving. But it is all about me, after all.

In any case, on Saturday, I got to spend a WHOLE day with JUST my dear friend. That's right, you read correctly. No men present, trying to ruin our shopping experience or ask for freakin' directions. We could get lost in peace (and we did). No random gathering with an assortment of fabulous people. Just the two of us.

And. It. Was. Awesome.

We did nothing that would matter to anyone who has not lived in the Bay Area, but we accomplished the full set of fabulous things to do...except go to San Francisco, although I was oddly pushing to a drive down to Fillmore to look for earrings at the over-priced chi-chi shops down there. I rarely push for an unnecessary trip into the car un-friendly city.

But we got pho in the Asian Mall. I was reminded just what a wimp I am at a flea market in Berkeley, when I tried to bargain for a ring and practically got laughed out, while another vendor dropped her own price without Irene even having to ask. We got frightened by rich teenagers in the upscale "Broadway Plaza" shopping center.

A conversation we witnessed.
Mother: Oh, here's the dress you wanted. It's got a hole in the lining. I don't think you should get it.
Daughter: Mom, get in line.
Mother: You already tried it on at another store, I don't think it's a good choice.
Daughter: Mom, GO GET IN LINE. I'm going to try on the dress.

Us witnessing the conversation:
Irene: She makes me not want to have kids.
Me: I would say, "It's my money, it has a hole in it. Don't you dare talk to me like that."
Irene: I will have to spank my kids.
Me: Remind me never to move here.

We got Jamba Juice. We walked around stores we can't afford and wondered why they charge so much for satin jackets with boustierre ties on the front. We hopped back in the car, thinking we might be up for a home cooked meal and then instead drove to our favorite Bay Area island and had the best sushi in the land. And did more shopping.

Then, back to Irene's place for a Sarah and Irene sleep-over. We watched Sex and the City. We moaned about our boyfriends. We said good things about our boyfriends. We kvetched about life in general. And then we ate bacon and eggs for breakfast, and I went home and got ready for my over-time shift on Sunday.

It was the perfect, unrushed, completely full, peaceful way to spend a Saturday. Ahh, I got to "spend" time like it was a currency. I love that.

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Bre said...

That does sound like a rather perfect day!