Tuesday, September 18, 2007

That Explains It!

So, in the midst of my stress and my mini-freakouts (perhaps not so mini), I found myself with a stratchy throat, a low-grade fever and an aching body.


That explains it.

I have a feeling not that the stress contributed to an illness but that an impending illness contributed to the stress. My body was already hard at work fighting off a cold, so how could it possibly be expected to handle five straight days of stressful librarian work? It couldn't.

So, after a lovely party at Hayley and Ryan's new place in SF (at which I was not exactly the best socializer on the planet, introducing myself to Marie's bf and asking him about his job, mentioning that I know it's something "secret," yeah, good job Ms. Subtle), I curled up in bed and slept the sleep of the truly exhausted. With the exception of a Jamba Juice and grocery run on Sunday, I stayed put on the couch, T beside me, as we watched the Heroes DVDs. Luckily, he was focused on finishing the season and didn't seem to mind doing nothing all day.

Thank the high heavens, I had Monday off, and I did the same thing, sleeping for over twelve hours, getting up near noon, and staying on the couch with my cat and The Office, Season 2. It was glorious. My mom brought chicken chow mein. I played some Warcraft. T brought flowers (ahhhh). And then we spent the rest of the evening on the couch, finishing up Heroes.

Today, it's back to work, and though I'm still not 100% back to myself, I at least feel relieved that I wasn't actually going crazy, just, as my mom likes to say, "coming down with something."


ru by said...

I hope you're better! This might be my toast for brains speaking up...but has "WG" been rechristened "T"?

Sarah said...

thanks! I'm feeling a bit better today...

and yes, moving in the direction of an eventual reveal of his real name (and by eventual, I mean like a LONG time from now), WG is now T...though I can't guarantee I won't still refer to him as WG!