Friday, August 31, 2007

Booty! Booty! Booty!

Now that I have your attention.

One of my most favorite people in the whole wide world (you know who you are, Irene) says that phrase all the time. She says it spastically and for different reasons. WG says it, because it's the name of some college football player (USC?), and I say it, because I like the way it rolls of my tongue.

How can you say those words and NOT smile? Seriously.

Anywho, I'm a bit giddy. Maybe spastic is a better word.

This evening, I am having a party.

The first party since December, and I've been aching to entertain every since.

And did I mention WG's birthday is on Tuesday?

The perfect excuse, right?

So, the apartment is clean. I've bought too many chips, a lot of beer (but it's the good bottles), some quality wine (according to, made dip, made a birthday cake (with a recipe I got from WG's mother), set out the ingredients for WG to make his queso and will pick up pizza on the way home from work.

I'm giddy and spastic and ready for fun.

I wonder if I have time to learn how to play poker?


Bre said...

Hah! It sounds like you are on cloud 9! Have an awesome weekend!

ruby said...

Have a great long weekend! I'm sure your par-tay will be so much fun! I love that you got the recipe from his mom, too sweet!

Sarah said...

Bre - Oh, honey, I'm *still* floating. That night was fabulous!

Ruby - Thanks! The par-tay had JUST the right mix of people. I love when that happens!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Have fun - poker is better with mojitos so go for it...