Saturday, May 19, 2007

Election 2008

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Every other month, I work on Saturday. I don't generally mind the way the library is on a Saturday -- it's either really quiet, and I get a lot of my work done, or it's incredibly busy, and the day passes with amazing alacrity.

Either way, on Saturday mornings, I treat myself to Starbucks. I get a coffee or, like today, something special like the Green Tea Frappucino. I also get breakfast, since they started serving breakfast sandwiches (although today, in anticipation of the greasy meal I'll enjoy at Sonic with WG before getting on a plane by myself, I had the yogurt parfait -- yum).

It costs about $8 a week, so $32 every other month. It's worth it.

But that's not what I want to talk about.

Starbucks amazes me. I want to hate them. I want to hate them as much as I hate Wal-Mart. But I can't. i them. It's not like I'd go anywhere else if Starbucks wasn't around. I wouldn't root out another coffee shop. I appreciate what Starbucks does, and I like the atmosphere, and I like how it unites people.

That's right. I said it. Starbucks unites.

Where else would you see a librarian ordering her Green Tea Frap, a dude with a neck tattoo, driving a Scion XB (or X-box, as I like to call it), sticking that familiar green straw into a drink as he leaves the drive through, a family on the way to little league, and anyone else you'd like to fit into that equation? Starbucks has such diversity.

And the perkiness of their baristas (see, I even know the word!) doesn't terrify me in the morning. I actually appreciate it.

Plus, every time I go in there, I see a CD I want to buy -- that whole "Hear Music" thing is a raving success, and they produce quality music.

No wonder Starbucks is everywhere.

Starbucks for President.


Mia said...

oh hell.. now I'm gonna have to vote ::laughing:: but for coffee.. it's worth it :)

brandy said...

You know, I bet if Starbucks ran there would be the highest voting turn out ever. It's just a hunch. Hope the concert was fantastic!