Monday, April 23, 2007

A Logical Dream

Last night, I dreamt I gave birth to twins. Apparently, I was only expecting to give birth to one child, but twins it was, twin boys at that. I was happy to discover that they were fraternal, so I could tell them apart. There were a few funny moments, like when my mom told me I looked tired, hours after the birth, and I said, "I just gave birth to twins," and she nodded, looking relieved that there was nothing seriously wrong with me.

My husband and I couldn't decide on names, so we gave them nicknames for the first few days of life, one of them was "Freckles." Eventually, we named them, although I only remember that one was named Cameron (not a name I would expect to choose in real life). The boys started to get a little bit older. They were rambunctious and very, very active little boys.

At one point in the dream, when they were around three, my dream husband came to me in Target or somewhere, with this look on his face, "Let's try for another baby," he said.

"I thought you only wanted two." And to be honest, even in the dream, I knew that the two kids we had were enough. I was kind of tired but managing my life and was content with my two sons.

He looked at me in a certain way, and I said, "You want to try for a girl?"

He smiled, "Yeah."

"Oh, but what about the boys...I mean, they're...good..., but they're kind of a handful."

He looked at me with this puppy dog expression, and I knew that it wouldn't hurt to try.

"Well, what names were you thinking?"

And he smiled.

It was an interesting dream for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it really helped solidify my recent, solid, realization that two kids would probably be the limit of what I could handle well, and it's not just me trying to fit with WG's firm stand on having only one or two kids. I find it interesting that in the dream, I was the one trying to be logical and suggest that maybe a third child wasn't the best idea.

I woke up feeling relieved, feeling content and feeling hopeful about the future.


Anonymous said...

Freckles and Cameron eh? Cute...but Freckles might hate you forever.

Sarah said...

Luckily, Freckles was just his nickname before we could decide what to put on the birth certificate. But yeah, if that was his real name, even in a dream, I better start saving for the future therapy of my future children.