Friday, April 27, 2007


This week, while having its good points, has left me feeling burnt out.

Y'all know what happened on Monday (if not, see Tuesday's post). Tuesday was my last night of CCD, and it ran 30 minutes over and involved several 7th grade girls begging me to teach next year. Thursday was just a long day, for a wide variety of reasons (not the least of which is that I made chocolate chip cookies twice, because I forgot to add the second round of flour to the first batch - still yummy, but not presentable). Tonight will be a fun potluck after a long work day. Tomorrow I have to work, teach 40 teenagers how to job hunt on the Internet and then have two wonderful friends over (yay). It's a packed week.

I returned from jury duty at about 10:30 in the morning on Wednesday (my day off, mind you), went back to sleep (the five restless hours the night before were not exactly sustaining me), woke around 12:30 and tried to decide what to before WG arrived at my apartment around 3.

I decided I could do the following: get up, go work out, shower, eat lunch, finish the two books I was reading, do some Bible study, update my YA Book Database, look up a recipe for the salmon I'd taken out of the freezer that morning and go grocery shopping.

Realizing I was about to work myself right into the very definition of "Magic Sarah Time," I evaluated the situation and decided on getting up, eating, working on the database and looking up a recipe.

And you know what? I hit the print button on the very last piece of the database just as WG walked in the door.

And you know what else? Turned out WG wanted to go grocery shopping, so it became an outing, instead of a chore.

Wednesday was glorious.

Now, if only I could transfer my new-found ability to chill-ax at home to toning down my work duties.

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