Saturday, March 31, 2007

The "Geek" Woman

We went to go see 300 last night. It was truly an experience. Blood. Gore. Violence. Love. Hot guys. Women with impossibly perfect hair. All set in Ancient Greece. How can that go wrong, I ask you?

And, it can't.

I love this stuff. I know it goes against all of the female stereotypes (but when have I jumped on the bandwagon of stereotypes?), but those kinds of movies are what I really enjoy watching. Don't get me wrong, I'm happily sitting here watching American Dreamz, laughing at goofy, mildly attractive Hugh Grant, but once I got over a boy who dumped me by watching Blade (you know, the fabulously cheese Wesley Snipes vampire hunter movie?).

At work this morning, I talked to one of the resident comic book experts and 300 fan, a married mother of two boys. I said to her, "I wonder if your husband and my boyfriend realize how lucky they are to have women like us who actually want to go see these movies."

And she said, "Oh yes, Geek girls are hard to find."

"We're one in a million."


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singlemuslimah said...

My older sister is a "geek" girl. Myself, I've never been able to stand those types of movies. I'm a girly girl.