Sunday, February 25, 2007

You're Gonna Love Me!

So, I watched the Academy Awards, and as it turns out, I actually got to see them live (considering that everything happens in California, it's amazingly rare that we get to see any awards show live)!

Anyway, I just want to say that, although I would have enjoyed seeing that little girl from Little Miss Sunshine (one of my new favorite movies) win the Oscar fror Best Supporting Actress, I am THRILLED that it went to Jennifer Hudson.

When she got voted off American Idol waaaaay too early the Fantasia year, I was upset for days (this was when I actually got Fox and could watch American Idol with the proper amount of dedication and attention). When I read in a magazine, "Oh, and by the way, Jennifer Hudson just scored a role in Dreamgirls," was happy in a, "Oh, yay, she'll get her chance, still." But winning an Academy Award!? Wow, this girl has come FAR.

So, I just want to say that she had it right in her big solo. We do love her, and there is no way she's leaving Hollywood anytime soon!

I love it when the Oscars do something cool and unexpected like this! In honor of Jennifer's win, I'll keep my avatar over there dressed in her Oscar finery for another few days.


brandy said...

Yeah, I was glad to see Jennifer win. I read somewhere that Alan Arkin didn't want Abagail to win, he said she got enough attention being nominated and he wants her to have a normal childhood. I appreciated the idea, but seriously? She's under the age of 13 and was nominated for an Oscar. I don't think it's going to be normal...

Sarah said...

Yeah...but look at Anna Paquin and Tatum O'Neal. They won at really young ages and have not had the lives that we imagine most teens should...maybe it's just the role, or her fluffy pink dress, but I do think little Abigail's going to be fine!

Sarah said...

I felt the same exact way about Jennifer H. Not to mention her rockin' that dress, wide hips and all- it was a good day for divas everywhere! *G*

singlemuslimah said...

I was so happy to see Jennifer Hudson win. I think she's going to go far.

Also, loving your Oscar avatar. Too cute!