Monday, October 23, 2006


I am at a library conference this week, and today I sat by myself at lunch, eating a grilled eggplant sandwich, reading a book and sometimes glancing up to look at the ocean. Lost in thought, it suddenly occurred to me how close I was to not writing back to Wine Guy (the guy I am dating, holding hands with and kissing....). I had gone on a couple of dates with the Intellectual, and I was still talking to the Nurse. I didn't want to get involved with a third guy - that sort of thing means that none of the connections are real and/or meaningful.

I had a couple of other e-mails that week from various guys from match. I wrote back to each of them and politely let them know that I wasn't up for starting any new relationships just then. But I kept Wine Guy's e-mail in my inbox. I didn't respond to it. I didn't erase it. I just left it there.

By the time I finally wrote him back, after realizing that the third date with the Intellectual would probably be the last and that the Nurse was never going to ask me out, several days had passed since his initial e-mail. I figured I had nothing to lose, and if he didn't write back, then, oh well, right?

He did write back, though, and now we're dating, and now, I'm happy. I continue to be amazed each day at how little decisions can change life. I also continue to be amazed at how following my gut instincts usually leads to good things.

Yes, it's been a mere three weeks and five dates. But it was almost none of those things, and that's a shame.

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