Friday, July 14, 2006

One Hundred Things

I read that it's important for a blogger to post this list, at least once, and considering that I'm coming up on the third anniversary of this blog, I think it's high time.

So, in case you were wondering, here are 100 things about ME (or at least a start).

1. I'm a blonde, but I don't have blonde moments.
2. I am incredibly offended when someone says something ditzy, then says they had a blonde moment, then looks at me and says, " Sorry, Sarah."
3. I love my name. My parents did a fabulous job, and I have great fun telling people that I was sort of named after a Clint Eastwood movie.
4. In addition to having a strange fondness for Clint Eastwood, I have a weird attachment to Stephen King, all because my dad read my Stephen King books when I was an infant and a toddler.
5. The fact that I was read Stephen King as a child explains a lot about me.
6. My childhood, while also full of strange family disputes that really belonged in a trailer park, and not in a suburban neighborhood, was also quite full of love. I never once doubted that my parents loved me, and my grandparents at least tried to feed me cookies.
7. Cookies are one of my favorite things to bake. They don't fall like a cake, and the fun keeps going and going and going, because I almost always double the recipe.
8. Baking is the hobby that calms me down the most.
9. Photography excites me the most.
10. People do not like it when I take their pictures, and this explains why my pitiful portfolio is full of close-up pictures of my dogs' faces and pictures of roses and cakes from odd angles.
11. I like to look at the world from different perspectives as often as possible.
12. I am conservative, but I generally don't get along with conservative people, because I'm not that conservative, and I find super-conservative people way too judgmental.
13. The same is true for uber-liberals.
14. This could explain why I am so fond of saying that I "love the middle."
15. I love the middle of vactions, relationships, books, movies, outings with my friends. I love that point where you forget where you came from, forget where you're going and just enjoy the moment.
16. In my regular, daily life, I find it incredibly difficult to enjoy the moment and tend to worry about what's coming up next.
17. I get bored very easily.
18. I have difficulty concentrating for extended periods of time. It's extraordinary that I made it through high school, college and grad school without failing a class (and actually finshed with a rather extraordinary GPA).
19. Of course, I did once choose not to take a class in college because it took place when Dawson's Creek and Felicity were on, and I so enjoyed watching those shows with my roommates and other friends.
20. I did not watch those shows for the life lessons or for the realistic portrayal of high school or college life. Rather, I watched them to make fun of the pretentious dialogue and comment on Kerri Russell's hair.
21. I pick Noel.
22. I would date the real-life Noel, Scott Foley.
23. I am such a good future girlfriend that I didn't even have look up his name on IMDB
24. But I almost did.
25. I'm bored. Stay tuned for Part II.

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