Monday, June 06, 2005

For all of my single friends out there, not including those who run around saying they are single but have been seeing the same guy since July (you know who you are), if you need an ego boost, if you need to be reminded that there are non-smarmy guys out there just waiting to meet you. They're on

I cannot vouch for these guys entirely, as I haven't met any face to face, but hey, I've only been on the website for a little over a week...I need some time!

In any case, remember my posting a while ago about 8 minute dating, and how it felt nice to be the one getting attention, well, this is serving the same purpose, except that I would actually like to have a real conversation with some of these guys.

I have to say that I'm impressed.

Be forewarned that I may have a totally different story when it comes down to actually meeting someone on match, but right now, it's just great to be getting chased!

On a weird family note, apparently we are not high class enough to be invited to France for a "society" wedding (actually, only the bride's parents are being invited, because the rest of the family is just not up to snuff - the groom comes from BIG money, and his sister is married to some oil magnate and lives in the Middle East). Only certain people who speak a certain dialect of French were privileged enough to attend the engagement party at a mansion in the Pyranees mountains outside of Lourdes, and only certain people who speak a certain dialect of French are invited to the high society wedding at an undisclosed fancy pants location. Oh, if only the bride knew that she is a child borne out of an affair, but shhh, only everyone in the family but her knows that she's the one who really isn't "high society." Do you think I'm kidding? Do you think that I'm just whining about not being invited to my cousin's wedding? Oh, no, I am all too serious, and all I can do is laugh and laugh and laugh, because seriously, high society? Who cares?

We are, however, invited, and very much expected to attend, the wedding of a distant cousin in Poland in August...the invite came via an answering machine message.

My family is bizarre, and both sides operate under rules that I do not yet know and perhaps never will.

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