Friday, May 27, 2005

Okay, so for those of you keeping track, I have now OFFICIALLY finished my first semester of library school! Whoohoo! One down, three to go! YYYYYYEeeeeehaaaa.

I still don't know my grades (I think it's rather sad that I'll start Summer semester on Tuesday without even knowing my GPA...SJSU still shows me as having a 0.00, because grades aren't even DUE until Tuesday!), but I'm thrilled to have cleansed myself (and my study room) of the remnants of this semester (of course, I'll remember what I need to for future semesters and my career, yes, of course).

It has been a crazy-hectic month, and I missed out on Marie's b-day shindig and will miss the Kishi's picnic on Sunday. My mom went into the hospital on Sunday morning (she passed out cold in Church, and, no, it wasn't a spiritual revolution - Catholics don't do that :Þ). She stayed in the hospital until Tuesday morning and is now, as of Friday, just starting to come around to herself. She has her voice back (this means that her "sick" voice has gotten strong, and she had the energy to get mad at my dad yesterday - that's actually a VERY good sign - lym!).

Still, I can't go more than 30 minutes away, just in case something happens's a tenuous time, healthwise.

And, as I'm so sure many of you are just aching to know, after recent experiences it has FINALLY (breathe a GIANT sigh, folks) occurred to me that I do not HAVE to marry a Catholic. Nor do I HAVE to think about marrying every guy I meet (every date is a possible future mate..blahblahblah). So, I have given myself permission to have some fun and to "widen my net," as someone quite wise told me to do (My mom, yes, the one who was in the hospital, told me to go out on as many dates as possible and widen my net, expand my horizons and have fun...maybe that's why she passed out...).

Okay, so please keep my mom in your prayers as we try to figure out exactly what caused the fainting spell!

So, happy birthday, happy memorial day, happy (almost) summer and happy anything else that I've missed!

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