Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Pope's in Rome and all is well.

Today, we have a new Pope, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

What an interesting time we live in...

Favorite moments of the day:

Mama calling on the phone: "We have a Pope! We have a Pope!"

Me: "Who?"

Mama: "I don't know yet, I'll call you back."

Sean's phone message: "There's white smoke and bells. We have a Pope, Sarah! We have a Pope! "

Later in the day, talking to Sean: "I'm hanging my Vatican flag out the window right now! Just a second!" Seriously, he has a Vatican flag - how cool is that?

on a secular (almost) note- Sean on New Orleans, "It's easy to be Catholic by day but really hard by night." :

Me: "So, you had fun in the den of sin?"

Sean: "Oh, yeah, I mean Bourbon Street's the doorway to Hell, but I still had a good time."

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