Monday, December 06, 2004

I promise to TRY to put the pictures from Saturday on the next blog. I promise. I promise. I promise. - Hey, I did it! Look above! The program, "Hello!" seems to work :).

Thank you ALL for a lovely evening of talking, laughing, eating, and laughing some more. I'm still all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Ghirardelli Square was the perfect place to meet, even if it did mean forming some slightly hysterical memories of San Francisco Driving Adventures.

Something for folks to keep in mind:

1) Pine Street is ONE way
a) Do not take directions from people who do not EVER drive in San Francisco. I love you, Jessica, but from now on, we trust Yahoo Maps!

2) Market and Mission are not friendly to turning vehicles.

3) Two door vehicles are not ideal when having to pick friends up at street corners..

4) Embarcadero will get you there...eventually :)

5) Ice cream sundaes make everything okay!

Hurray for birthdays! Hurray for friends! Now...onto the holidays!

p.s. yes, I promise, on Wednesday, I will give you all an update on "things."

p.p.s. Thank you, Mama, for bringing me back from the brink - you're good at things like that!

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