Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Tales of the voting polls.

Aside from the amazing number of first time and otherwise newly registered voters who came in throughout the day yesterday, I have one story to share about the voting polls, just because it touched my heart.

A mother (about age 70) and her daughter (about age 50) came in to vote. The daughter pushed the mother in a wheelchair. After a series of back and forths including one "Is she talking to us?" in response to my chit-chat about the church where our precinct was located, the mother finally had her ballot. As she perused the new style (optical scan), she looked at her daughter with questions in her eyes. As I explained, the daughter leaned over, closed her eyes, and kissed her mother on the back of the head. A few seconds later, they rolled off to vote. That simple gesture of love was so touching - mothers and daughters at any age can be affectionate.

It's amazing where we can see and feel love.

So, thank you to those two women whom I will probably never see again. It was a lovely moment of the truest kind of love.

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