Saturday, November 27, 2004

Hurray for birthdays!

I had a lovely and perfect birthday celebration with my parents and puppies and returned home to wonderful phone calls, e-mails and e-cards from my fabulous friends. I think that 24 is going to be a GREAT year :)

Let me tell you a little bit about our Thanksgiving - it was magical.

I never realized before how European Carmel is (although the food is a bit pricier). Well after dark each night, we would all stroll down the main street (Ocean Ave) and look in the little shops. One shop was open later than the others, and we got to peruse these really neat looking music boxes and look at the Vetriano prints on canvas (they looked like real paintings). I found some marvelous Christmas presents for some people, and I hope they like them - they're different and special and struck me as just perfect for those folks.

The weather was parfait - the sun shone until the last morning, which made it easier to leave. The beach was crowded which made us feel safe, rather than claustrophobic. J.J. ran up and down the beach and into the water, but she didn't go too far - the tide was a bit rough, and I didn't want her to get caught in an undertow. Bailey just looked at her like she was nuts and tried to keep his paws dry.

As we walked along the crooked little streets and saw a mixture of quaint and gigantic houses, I realized that if I ever want to live in Carmel, I can. Sure, I'll have to work for it, but I am responsible for my own happiness, and if I want to make it a goal of mine to live in Carmel, then I can. There's nothing stopping me at this point.

I hope that everyone had a beautiful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Thank you to Mama and Daddy for a simply marvelleux three days :). I love you!

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