Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Now, if you overheard five young people discussing politics with passion in their voices, a group of people who clearly know what they are talking about, have clearly done their research, and are really motivated to make some changes - would you really care if they were old enough to vote?

Shouldn't you just be THRILLED that young people are taking an interest in politics?

And besides that, who gave you the right to come sit down at our table and ask us how old we are? Did we respond, "Yes, we are old enough to vote, are you old enough for menopause?"

Once a person is clearly past the age of 10, it becomes rude to ask their age.

And again, what do you care? If we're excited about it, does it matter if we are old enough? Do you have to be 18 to care about politics and changing the world? Last I checked, there was no age requirement for changing the world.

Besides, yes, we are old enough, and yes we will be voting.

This posting is dedicated to my fellow victims of the red coated lady at CPK!!

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